Impact Insider #29: Is the Canadian justice system failing women?

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In July, the Government of Canada announced that it would be investing close to $2 million in national women’s organizations to help women in Canada receive more equitable treatment and greater support from the country’s justice system. The funding sounds like a solid step forward, but for many Canadians, there’s a lack of understanding of what goes on in courtrooms and the justice system overall, only highlighted when issues bloom big enough to make it into national news.

So what exactly is this funding being put towards, and what are the issues it’s tackling?

According to experts from national women’s organizations across the country, there are three concerns that immediately stand out within Canada’s justice system.

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1. Apply for funding from Canada’s Climate Action Incentive Fund 🌳
Live in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, or New Brunswick, with a plan in place for a project that would decrease energy usage, save money, and reduce carbon pollution? The Climate Action Incentive Fund will provide funding during the 2019-2020 to small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as municipalities, universities, colleges, schools, and hospitals. Apply now.

2. Apply for Laidlaw Foundation’s Youth Action Fund 💪
Laidlaw Foundation recently launched a new Youth Action Fund, which offers grants to grassroots initiatives working with youth underserved by the education system and overrepresented in the justice and child welfare systems. Initiatives must be Ontario-based. Apply by September 16.

3. Registration opens for Waterloo Innovation Summit 💡
Global thought leaders and change agents will come together in Waterloo on October 1 to explore how technology is impacting global and individual health care. Register now.

4. Registration opens for Nesta’s FutureFest 2020 🤓
Join Nesta in London next March for a festival of artistic installations, performances, talks, and debates that will help you explore and co-create a better future for us all. Register now.

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