Impact Insider #33: We have a new design

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Impact Insider #33: We have a new design. Welcome to a new and improved version of Impact Insider. We have a bold mission to help good people work smarter. This means crafting meaningful digital content that gives you all the insights but none of the jargon. It means saving you time by highlighting timely and relevant talking points.\u00a0This next version of Impact Insider builds on previous features to enhance your weekly, bite-sized learning experience. Let us know if you like this version by clicking on the survey box at the bottom of the email. The world of impact is growing and changing faster than ever before. So buckle up \u2014 here are the top stories from the week, along with insights that matter to your work. 4\u00a0 ideas\u00a0in Future o

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