Canada's International Aid Agencies Need Innovation to Drive Impact

International NGOs across the country need to prioritize innovation to remain sustainable and impactful

Why It Matters

Technological, mission, and demographic shifts are changing the way international organizations work. For Canada to be at the forefront of addressing global challenges, experimentation must become an embedded capacity in aid and development organizations.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Canada\u2019s International Aid Agencies Need Innovation to Drive Impact. International non-governmental organizations have always been impact-focused in their efforts to help people around the globe. Measures of success are obvious when it is about helping a child start a healthy life, supporting enterprising women to launch a small business, or delivering humanitarian assistance in a crisis. Over the years, NGOs have adapted to changing global contexts, taken on new challenges, and learned from experience to reach more people, reduce costs, and ensure positive social and economic change is more sustainable. Yet evidence suggests that the biggest challenges for this sector are still ahead. Over a 10- to 20-year horizon, the very existence of in

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