Introducing the Future of Good team

Why It Matters

Introducing our rockstar core team who make it easier for you to work smarter.

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“A clear signal in the noise.”

That’s how one reader described why Future of Good matters to their work. 

I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to our rockstar core team who are working everyday to make this happen. 

We’re living in an age of massive growth and rapid change for social impact. So how can we learn as fast as the world is changing?

Future of Good’s digital content illuminates how technology, money, places, work, and inclusion are changing and accelerating impact—from humanitarian aid to philanthropy, social services to policy. 

Our mission is to make the world of impact smarter for everyone.

Every week, thousands of people from the non-profit, business, philanthropic, academic, and public sectors read our content. They have a shared passion for improving their work, advancing causes they care about, and for lifelong learning.

Our multidisciplinary core team is supported by brilliant writers, creators, designers, and thinkers to bring you digestible insights, illuminating stories, and practical guides on topics that matter. 

Julie Ma is our Digital Marketing Specialist leading all communications and marketing. With a background in International Development and Globalization, Julie has over six years of experience leading digital strategy. She spearheaded successful campaigns like Equality Fund’s “How Many Laws Did You Break Today” and “The Lottery of Life.” Her vision for engagement is to disrupt traditional learning in visual, interactive, and compelling ways. You can reach Julie at:

Leah Bae is our Digital Engagement Specialist leading community-building. Having worked in community engagement, digital strategy, and politics, she brings seven years of experience building community and advancing social impact across North America and Europe. Her vision for community is one in which every person in the world has the access, tools, and power to be civically engaged. You can reach Leah at:

Nickie Shobeiry is our Content Editor and the lead for stories and editorial. With expertise in wordsmithing, she has a sharp eye for a good tale — whether that’s for an international marketing campaign or a local grassroots organization. Nickie’s journey has taken her from newspaper journalism in the UK to hosting a CBC documentary in Canada. Her vision is to use storytelling excellence for good, pushing narrative boundaries in the world of impact. You can reach Nickie at:

Thi Dao is our Content Partnerships Specialist and leads partnerships with brands and organizations. With experience in account and project management, most recently in digital marketing, Thi has been involved with non-profit organizations across the globe. Her vision is to redefine how we collaborate, by creating meaningful partnerships that run deep. Thi makes sure your stories of impact are not just out there, but are truly compelling and powerful. You can reach Thi at: 

Here. We. Go.  

Vinod Rajasekaran
Publisher & CEO

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