More than a quarter of Canadians may soon rely on charities for basic needs, report says

A new poll by Ipsos also found 17 percent of surveyed Canadians are planning to give less in 2022.

Why It Matters

Around 40 percent of Canadian charities reported a drop in revenue over the past six months – and that was before the Omicron wave. Thanks to this predicted rise in demand and continued drop in donations, charities may fold as they are needed the most.

Canadians may soon be far more reliant on charities for basic needs thanks to the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation, according to a new survey – and they may be less inclined to give, too.

According to an Ipsos survey released by CanadaHelps, a major online donation and fundraising platform, 17 percent of Canadians plan on giving less to charities specifically because of inflation. The survey also suggests, without providing supporting details, that the number of Canadians who rely on charitable services in 2022 to meet basic needs could more than double, from one in 10 to one in four.

“The charitable sector is at a critical inflection point as rising inflation rates and pandemic challenges collide,” said Marina Glogovac, president and CEO of CanadaHelps, in a statement. “Inflation is straining the most vulnerable communities in Canada, whi

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