Is AI your new non-profit coworker? Here are the ways that social purpose organizations are adopting ChatGPT.

Writing internal plans and policies, producing content, and generating datasets are just a handful of the ways that non-profits have been streamlining their operations using ChatGPT.

Why It Matters

It only took five days for ChatGPT to reach a million users. While there are clear benefits to using an AI-enabled tool when it comes to reducing time and resources spent on tasks, there are also some open questions for the social impact world in particular: what are the ethics of using artificial intelligence when working directly with communities?

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To what extent does ChatGPT have a role in community work? Future of Good decided to ask the tool itself that question. In response, it said: “While I can’t directly participate in community work, I am here to support and assist those who do.” Future of Good then asked what the m


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