5 Jobs of the Future That You Need to Prepare For Now

Why It Matters

Social impact organizations are changing the way they work, from digital transformation to cross-sector collaboration. That means different skills, fresh expertise, and completely new careers. Five people with the social impact jobs of tomorrow describe how they are charting new paths in their organizations.

From “Chief Happiness Officer” to “Scrum Master,” scrolling through a job site shows many job titles that didn’t exist 10 years ago. This is true in the social sector as well, where new, creative job titles point to a profound shift in the world of social impact. 

The issues that organizations strive to address are becoming increasingly complex and require new tools, different expertise, and more collaboration. Achieving social impact, therefore, means new ways of working. 

At the dawn of a new decade, the Future of Good community helped us find people who are already working in the social impact jobs of tomorrow. Five social impact workers with uncommon roles that could soon become mainstream tell us about the how and why of their jobs.

Jason Shim oversees Pathways to Education’s digital transformation, from real-time marketing dashboards to Ca

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