Just the Facts, Ma’am

A New Gender Gap Tracker Will Reveal Some Hard Truths

Why It Matters

It’s no longer enough to pay lip service to diversity—meaningful measures to track, weigh, and address inequities are happening all around us. Here we look at an example in news media and its parallels. How the world of impact in Canada applies measurement and transparency to its work will become a larger, looming question in 2019.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Just the Facts, Ma\u2019am. In our 2019 Bold Ideas series, we talked about intersectionality in the world of impact. A central tenet to addressing imbalances in our organizations and our work is about shifting the power. A new tool to address inequities in public discourse, offers further insights. The first of its kind Gender Gap Tracker, which debuted on February 4, measures data in real time to motivate news outlets to more equitably reflect women\u2019s voices. The initiative is the work of Simon Fraser University and Informed Opinions, a charitable project of Media Action. Like the SDGs, Informed Opinions has a hard deadline to achieve gender balance by 2025, but how do you know that you\u2019ve hit the goal on something loosey-goosey like \u201cgender balan

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