Launch Plan: The Inside Journey of a FinTech Startup Changing the Charitable Donation Game

GoodBox's Andrew O'Brien shares how he built his tech-for-good company

Why It Matters

When it comes to technology, most non-profits and charitable organizations don't have the time or budget to implement new solutions. With that gap in mind, GoodBox founder Andrew O'Brien set out to bring new donation solutions to the charitable sector, with an aim to bridge the digital divide and accelerate giving. He tells his founding story as part of Future of Good's Launch Plan series.

Welcome to our new series, Launch Plan, featuring deep dives into the founding stories, journeys, and decisions behind the organizations, collectives, projects, and people changing the world of doing good. We’re kicking off the series with Andrew O’Brien, the founder and CEO of GoodBox

GoodBox is a fast-growing social impact start-up that was founded in Manchester, England and is aiming to land in North America by early 2020. GoodBox builds technology solutions that bring donors closer to their favourite causes, with the goal of streamlining giving for nonprofits and the causes they champion.

From Idea to Company

We launched back in 2016. My background was investment banking, and while that was a wonderful career, I think a desire for self-actualizat

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