Launch Plan: The Inside Journey of how the UNDP Started 60 Accelerator Labs Globally

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Why It Matters

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)’s 60 Accelerator Labs serve 78 countries, working together to find radical solutions to local problems. As we’re faced with increasingly complex global challenges in the wake of COVID-19, we must rethink how we create and scale solutions — and that includes transforming institutions.

Welcome to our ongoing series, Launch Plan, featuring deep dives into the founding stories and journeys behind game-changing organizations, projects, and enterprises. We’re continuing the series today with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)’s 60 Accelerator Labs.

When grappling with immense world challenges, one thing holds true: there is no one solution to any problem, and there’s a lot that we don’t yet know.   

“There is no best practice for dealing with violent extremism. There is no best practice for dealing with disease that travels faster because of droughts. These things are just uncharted territory.” – Gina Lucarelli, team leader of the Accelerator Lab network.

For the last 54 years, the UNDP has worked to accelerate development in 170 countries and territories, helping them develop their policies, institutional capabili

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