Lessons Learned from Canada's Top Impact Investing Platform

SVX, the impact investing platform for ventures, is the entry point for those interested in social and financial returns. What have we learned thus far about impact investing? We ask SVX founder Adam Spence

Why It Matters

Impact investing and social finance aren't sustainable with government funding or philanthropic capital alone. There is a continued amount of work that the social change community across Canada needs to do to convene and convince mainstream private sector players of its value.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Lessons Learned from Canada\u2019s Top Impact Investing Platform. What was the moment that struck you and made you think, \u2018Ok, this platform is going to be really important for social change?\u2019 \u23f8\u2587 It wasn\u2019t a single moment, but a constellation of efforts. One was the momentum of funds and ventures seeking capital. In addition, the impact investor community was starting to grow and flower. There was also growing interest from the U.S. and Mexico. The signals were strong from investors, entrepreneurs, and those looking in from outside. \u00a0 In a nutshell, what makes this platform work well? \u23f8\u2587 It\u2019s the continuum of services that we support. SVX is an online platform where you go and you make money or investments. We prov

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