Letter from the Publisher: Lessons from Future of Good’s first year

When Future of Good had its soft launch in January 2019, one of our seed investors said to me, “No matter how many organizations you’ve started and led, Vinod, the first year of a new venture is an accelerated apprenticeship—unlearn, learn, and have fun.” 

The first year of Future of Good has been exactly that. 

The world has a huge to-do list, and the 2020s is the last decade we have to demonstrate to the next generation that we give a damn about the future of humanity, society, and the planet. We’re seeing rapid societal change due to demographic shifts, disruptive technologies, Reconciliation, and low trust in civil society organizations. The sense of urgency is great. And the need for creativity is high. 

Thankfully, there is massive growth of social ventures, impact investing, purpose-based careers, with millions of people working hard to enhanc

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