Funders, listen up: Six key lessons on advancing the climate justice movement from MaRS Climate Impact Week

From intersectionality to using funders’ power for good, here’s what you missed at Climate Impact Week

Why It Matters

The world is seeing the impacts of climate change first-hand, from climate disasters to extreme heat. Meanwhile, the World Bank estimates that the amount of capital the world will need to invest in sustainable infrastructure by 2030 is around US$90 trillion.

Earlier this month, Canada’s largest urban innovation centre MaRS Discovery District hosted its first-ever Climate Impact conference, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, business and finance leaders, academics, and policymakers to discuss their ventures, experiences and learnings from the frontlines of climate action across the world. 

The hot topic across the board was ‘net-zero targets’, barriers to the same and how to achieve them nonetheless.  

Simply put, ‘net-zero’ is the state in which the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere is balanced or cancelled out, by the amount of greenhouse gases taken away from the atmosphere.

So over three days, MaRS hosted a number of conversations between innovators working towards the transition to a ‘net-zero world’. 

Much of Climate Impact Week was also focused on how to fu

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