Maximizing Real Estate for Social Impact.

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Here’s the thing: 

Real estate affects community outcomes. It affects all of us: individuals and families, companies and organizations, towns and cities. From daycares and soup kitchens to coworking spaces and community housing, it represents one of the largest investments of any household or organization, shapes how our communities are designed and built, and plays a large role in our local and national economy. 

We’re excited to announce that over the next few months, we’ll dive into the world of social impact real estate in partnership with Windmill Developments and Urban Equation. 

Through articles, infographics, and events, we’ll illuminate stories, trends, and innovations in social impact real estate. We’ll profile projects, surface insights, and explore opportunities that will shape the next decade in this sector.  

If you use a building for your work, it’s responsible for impact. We’ll tell you what that means, how you can maximize the benefits of real estate for positive outcomes, and who’s involved in social impact real estate today. 

There couldn’t be better partners to support this series. Windmill Development Group, a visionary real estate company with a triple bottom line approach that aims for zero ecological footprint, and its sister company, Urban Equation, is a consulting company that advises those in the real estate industry on innovative practices for sustainable development.

The series kicks-off November 7 with a State of Play: What Happens When Real Estate Meets Social Impact?