Here's who received $2.5 million in McConnell Foundation's inaugural social finance accelerator

Unlocking the enormous potential of the social finance marketplace.

Why It Matters

Innovative financing programs are working to meet the growing demand for capital in Canadian social impact organizations. Releasing an initial commitment of $2.5 million, the McConnell Foundation is placing funds in the hands of some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial social finance leaders.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Here\u2019s who received $2.5 million in McConnell Foundation\u2019s inaugural social finance accelerator. The McConnell Foundation is giving $2.5 million to a cohort of 9 social finance leaders in Canada. The foundation \u2013 which supports innovative solutions to socio-cultural, economic, and environmental challenges through investments and grants \u2013 has identified a need for increased funding in the growing field of social finance. \u00a0 The foundation\u2019s new Solutions Finance Accelerator looks to unlock the enormous potential of the social finance marketplace. Recipients are social finance organizations funding a variety of causes, including sustainable food systems, Indigenous enterprise, and other impact-driven businesses. The accelera

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