Letter from the publisher: Mentorship is dying — just when the social impact world needs it most.

When was the last time you mentored someone?

My undergraduate degree was in aerospace engineering and I began my career in the communications technology industry. I didn’t last long because I craved something more purposeful. As an engineer, re-starting my career in the social impact world was tough — I was new to this world; I didn’t have the knowledge and didn’t understand how it worked.

When I started my career in social impact, getting a more experienced professional to spare 15 minutes for advice was one of the hardest things I’ve had to ask. 

Turns out, it wasn’t just me. My colleagues in the sector say this struggle isn’t new — they experienced the same thing when starting out in the field. They mentioned a number of reasons why mentorship isn’t widespread, which, frankly, aren’t convincing: there’s no time, it’s not a regular pra


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