Missed the Social Enterprise World Forum? Here are five key insights

From closing gaps in access to social finance to prioritizing inclusive hiring practices, speakers at this year’s forum had a lot to discuss

Why It Matters

Social entrepreneurship is vital to creating a sustainable social impact, and to economic growth and inclusion. The rapidly growing industry, which merges mission-focused work with entrepreneurship has much to teach the philanthropic sector.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Missed the Social Enterprise World Forum? Here are five key insights. This story is in partnership with Common Good Solutions. \u201cFor some people, it may be a turn of words to put together \u2018social\u2019 and \u2018enterprise\u2019 in the same phrase \u2014 blending social values into the design, delivery, and outcomes of the business, but that\u2019s our purpose,\u201d said David LePage, board member of the Social Enterprise World Forum at the forum\u2019s opening ceremony.\u00a0 \u201cWe use a business model that\u2019s not about economic transactions, but about business as a tool for community transformation,\u201d he said, ushering in two days of panels and workshops for organizations to connect around the topic of using business for social good

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