Nature Investment Hub hopes to generate $20B for natural land conservation and restoration in Canada

Hub hopes to bring all stakeholders to the table to create robust nature-based solutions and attract investors to finance them

Why It Matters

In 2022, the United Nations adopted the first multilaterally agreed definition of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). This December will see Cop 28, the international conference to assess progress on the 2015 Paris Agreement goals to combat climate change. It will include the launch of the first State of NBS report. NBS can save more CO2 annually than the emissions from the entire global transportation sector and reduce the intensity of climate hazards by 26 per cent.

Courtney Kehoe says her core values, earned through 15 years of fishing lobster off the Nova Scotia coast, sustain her as the managing director of a new investment hub. Those core values are what inspired Courtney to join the team behind the newly launched Nature Investment Hub, which aims to contribute to a five-fold increase (equivalent to $20 billion) in public and private investment in the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of nature in Canada. “Government and philanthropic funding provide the bulk of finance in nature and nature activities. They can increase that amount, but it will never be sufficient,” says Kehoe.

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