'Navigating a societal shift without any of the scaffolding': Remote frontline work, trauma and wellbeing

The pandemic may have propelled the rise of remote service provision, but it is here to stay. How does this affect the staff delivering these critical - and sometimes life-saving - services?

Why It Matters

We’ve explored the impact of digital services on community members, but there has been little investigation on the other side of the coin. Working in digital-first teams can provide flexibility and work-life balance, but in community services, it can also lead to feelings of isolation among staff.

In late 2023, Maggie’s Toronto, a non-profit organization advocating for the rights and safety of sex workers, was consumed by a raging fire. “It struck us so quickly,” said Executive Director Ellie Ade Kur. “Within a span of hours, our entire two-storey workplace was gone.”

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