New CanadaHelps report shows charitable sector at a ‘tipping point,’ facing inflation, staff burnout, lower volunteerism

55 per cent of charities surveyed for a new CanadaHelps report said they have fewer volunteers now than before the pandemic.

Why It Matters

As a result of inflation and ongoing pandemic-related struggles, more Canadians are turning to Canada’s network of 86,000 charities for support. But for some organizations, a quadruple whammy of high staff burnout, fewer volunteers, higher cost of goods and services, and lower donations, is making it tough to keep up with the pace of the need.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"New CanadaHelps report shows charitable sector at a \u2018tipping point,\u2019 facing inflation, staff burnout, lower volunteerism. This journalism \u200b\u200bis made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship covering the social impact world\u2019s rapidly changing funding models, supported by Future of Good, Community Foundations of Canada, and United Way Centraide Canada. See our editorial ethics and standards here . At the end of this month, Mona Pinder\u2019s charity will close up shop for good.\u00a0 Pinder is the executive director of MealShare, a Calgary-based charity that partners with restaurants to provide meals to food insecure youth. As a result of its work over the last decade, nearly 6 million meals have been given to young peop

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