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Kasha Huk, Country Manager with B Lab Canada, tells us what’s in store for the community and the tool

Why It Matters

The B Corp movement is growing rapidly in Canada, up 48 percent since 2015. Beyond the rigorous certification, their B Impact Assessment tool has garnered traction. More than 50,000 businesses have used the tool to measure its impact on its workers, environment, community, and customers.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"New Standards. What\u2019s the landscape of B Corps in the country now? \u23f8\u2587 In Canada, you\u2019re seeing what you\u2019re seeing globally. Companies are realizing that it\u2019s not unidirectional. You don\u2019t have to be a nonprofit to be in the impact space. More companies understand this profit-purpose nexus. Within Canada, the B Corp community is coast to coast now. We\u2019re not in any of the territories yet, but we\u2019ve signed up our first B Corp in PEI. That\u2019s fantastic. \u23f8\u2587 It is. For us, the power is providing a platform for those companies to amplify their action across the country and inspire changemakers. We\u2019ve also been seeing a lot of interest from larger organizations such as Danone and Business Development Bank

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