“This is groundbreaking information”: New report quantifies non-profit wage gaps

Between 2010 and 2019, non-profit sector employment increased by 32 per cent for immigrants

Why It Matters

Non-profits pay employees less and hire more women, immigrants and racialized people than other sectors of the economy. Knowing more about un-equitable compensation is key to improving working conditions and raising wages.

The average salary of an individual working at a community non-profit is more than $18,000 less than someone working in the overall economy, according to a new study released by Imagine Canada.

“When we saw the results, we were like ‘Oh my God, this is crazy. We have to get this out there,’” said Cathy Barr, Imagine Canada’s vice-president of research and strategy. “This is groundbreaking information.”

A detailed analysis of Statistics Canada data revealed that those working in the overall economy, excluding the self-employed, earned an average salary of $57,137 in 2019, while those employed by community non-profits — which provide goods and services like childcare, advocacy, access to the arts and social services — made an average of $38,716 per year.

The average salary at non-profit business organizations, such as chambers of commerce,

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