Non-profits among the worst offenders for unlivable wages in Canada, say employees, experts

“There needs to be a shift in how the public sees non-profit work. This is a skilled workforce that is chronically underpaid.”

Why It Matters

Non-profit wages are consistently lower than those in the private sector, putting financial strain on employees who often leave social purpose work behind in search of better pay. Competitive wages could improve staff retention and wellbeing.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but last summer, Amina Bambotia said “no” to facilitating a digital literacy project that spoke to her personal and professional experience because the salary offered fell far short of a living wage. “While my passion for the initiative was strong, I had to prioritize my financial wellbeing,” said the Montreal-based equity, diversity and inclusion specialist, adding the non-profit’s proposal was downright disrespectful.

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