We’re tracking every Ontario election promise for the social impact sector. Here’s the running list.

The NDP released its full campaign platform on April 25, while the Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, and Green Party have announced election promises of their own.

Why It Matters

Faced with a plethora of social crises – from housing to hatred to climate change – the next Ontario government will need to lean on the social impact sector to solve these serious problems.

Progressive Conservative Party comments Liberal Party comments New Democrat Party comments Green Party comments

Voters in Ontario will head to the polls by June 2, 2022 – and none of the four main parties vying for their support can afford to ignore the social impact sector.

Ontario’s ballooning cost of living, the ongoing toll of COVID-19, and the province’s dysfunctional social safety nets are the most pressing issues facing Canada’s largest province. Social impact organizations all over Ontario address these issues every single day. If the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, or Green Party hope to control Queen’s Park, they’ll need to consider how to work with a sector that is both essential to Ontario’s well-being and in turmoil.

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