What you missed: Seven actionable tips for funders from Philanthropic Foundations Canada’s annual conference

This year’s event focused on “philanthropy and the common good: renewing our practices, strengthening our impact”

Why It Matters

Canadian philanthropy is under scrutiny post-pandemic. Calls to raise the disbursement quota, change philanthropic practices in order to shift power dynamics, and more promise to change the landscape of the sector in the coming years.

This story is in partnership with Philanthropic Foundations Canada. 

Canadian philanthropy is in a state of flux. 

Calls for the sector’s transformation are coming from all angles, including from within. Advocates for change want funders to share more power with donees, move resources to communities faster and at higher volumes, and push for massive regulatory change that could upend the very philosophy underpinning philanthropy.

How does a funder navigate the shifts that are happening around them? By convening and collaborating, in the case of this year’s Philanthropic Foundations Canada conference — titled Philanthropy and the common good: Renewing our practices, strengthening our impact.

Here are seven actionable takeaways from the conference’s dozens of speakers.


Examine your own definition of giving — a

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