Five things Canada’s social purpose ecosystem needs right now to grow

The summit highlighted important conversations about Canada’s social purpose economy and how to continue its much needed growth.

Why It Matters

As Canada is juggling a number of urgent environmental and social crises, the need for organizations to consider their impact on the world is more important than ever. Social purpose leaders are pushing for businesses to bring their purpose to life by collaborating across sectors to create an ecosystem for a greener and more inclusive economy.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Five things Canada\u2019s social purpose ecosystem needs right now to grow. This story is in partnership with the Social Purpose Institute at United Way BC The way businesses operate is changing.\u00a0 The concept of shareholder primacy \u2014 that the sole focus of business is to generate profits for shareholders \u2014 is under attack. Businesses are rethinking why they exist and are considering their greater impact on the world now more than ever.\u00a0 With multiple crises impacting Canada including COVID-19 \u2014\u00a0like the opioid crisis, rising inequality, climate change, growing recognition of systemic racism, and the housing crisis \u2014 it\u2019s become crucial for businesses to feed the economy in a way which nourishes society, rather t

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