Coalition of Ontario organizations calls on Ontario political parties to create a provincial 2SLGBTQ+ secretariat and commit to $25 million in funding for the sector

With three urgent calls-to-action, Queer Vote Ontario challenges politicians to “step up on queer issues.”

Why It Matters

Ten percent of reported hate crimes target 2SLGBTQI+ people, and hate is still on the rise in Canada. 2SLGBTQI+ safety, health, and human rights needs to be a policy priority in the 2022 Ontario election.

On April 21, nearly two dozen 2SLGBTQI+ and allied organizations put out a list of demands for Ontario’s political leaders.

Twenty-three organizations launched the Queer Vote Ontario (QVO) campaign, which aims to get issues important to the community on the Ontario election agenda.

“2SLGBTQI+ communities make up 10 [percent] of this province but are almost never mentioned by our political parties outside of pride month,” said Fae Johnstone, the campaign’s organizer and the executive director of Wisdom2Action, in a statement. “We are facing rising anti-2SLGBTQI+ hate and a queer youth mental health and homelessness crisis. This election, we demand our parties step up on queer issues.”

Queer Vote Ontario’s campaign features three calls to action on important policy priorities. It also includes a survey for local can

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