Can remote-first organizations produce good ideas?

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Can remote-first organizations produce good ideas?. Like many of you, I\u2019ve been working from home for two and a half months now. I don\u2019t have a clear sense when I will be able to access my office, which is part of the Impact Hub Ottawa coworking environment. Without having set foot in an office building since mid-March, I don\u2019t know how I might feel when I set foot in one again \u2014 especially in spaces like kitchens and elevators. I think I\u2019ll be fine, but I suppose it all depends on the trajectory of the virus.\u00a0 But still, does the office have a future? In the past few weeks, a number of large technology companies have made announcements of becoming \u201cremote-first.\u201d Shopify\u2019s CEO Tobi Lutke tweeted that his com

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