Report Card: Non-profit leaders give their score for Federal Budget 2024

The budget for 2024 has dropped. How will this impact non-profits, charities and other social purpose organizations?

Why It Matters

The broad positive impact that social purpose organizations have on Canadian society is often underappreciated or misunderstood. Social purpose leaders share their thoughts on the federal budget and how it will impact their organizations and the communities they support - including yours.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Report Card: Non-profit leaders give their score for Federal Budget 2024. Now that the 2024 federal budget has dropped, we asked Canadian social purpose leaders for their opinions. Leaders and directors were asked to tell us what they liked, didn\u2019t like, and what was missing and give us a report card rating of A+ (for excellent) to F (for, well, failure.) Here\u2019s what they had to say. Julia Levin - Associate Director, National Climate, Environmental Defence\u23f8 Report Card Score: C This budget is intended to be geared toward younger generations, but it fails to deal with a significant source of anxiety for young people by offering little to address climate change.\u00a0 This budget fails to give the climate crisis the attention it

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