Rise Up and Give Back

The Future of Volunteering Will Have a More Activist-Oriented Bent

Why It Matters

The face of volunteering has changed over the years to become more diverse. During National Volunteer Week, we look at trends shaping the future of volunteering, which gives us insight into civic engagement, giving back, and changing narratives in the world of impact.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Rise Up and Give Back. Happy National Volunteer Week. If you\u2019re engaged with a charity or non-profit, you\u2019ll likely receive kudos from that organization during #NVW2019, which runs April 7-13, 2019. Maybe it\u2019s a newsletter, or a card, or a call\u2014all nice touchpoints, but they are secondary to the intrinsic motivation that spurs most and keeps people going. The ways in which people commit to their communities is diversifying. It might be through board work, long-term projects or, increasingly, through episodic tasks such as hosting an event, taking photographs for an organization\u2019s social media accounts, or dispensing advice. While volunteering is a traditional engagement tool\u2014often on a ladder toward other organizational goals such

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