Scorecard: Social impact leaders give the budget a five out of 10

13 social impact leaders weigh in on budget 2023

Why It Matters

The federal government’s annual budget sets the tone for the government’s relationship with the social purpose sector. Leaders’ reactions give us a sense of how that relationship will go this year.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Scorecard: Social impact leaders give the budget a five out of 10. The federal government\u2019s Budget 2023 spends big, as Future of Good reporter Shannon VanRaes writes , but not on the charitable and non-profit sector.\u00a0 Social purpose organizations have expressed disappointment in the budget\u2019s lack of support for the sector, particularly for queer- and trans-serving organizations and global development organizations. So we thought we\u2019d ask 13 leaders to expand \u2014\u00a0by telling us what they\u2019d rate the budget out of 10 for how well it addresses the needs of their communities, what they were happy to see included, and what they were disappointed by.\u00a0 The average wasn\u2019t very high: just 4.75 out of 10 (excluding the t

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