Setting the stage for a more ambitious Canadian foreign policy

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Canada’s foreign policy has evolved over time, especially with policy leaders spanning multiple sub-sectors. How can we foster cross-sectoral collaboration between trade, diplomacy, security, international development and humanitarian aid? What is Canada’s role for global change? 

The first-ever Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership will bring together Canada’s foreign policy leaders to respond to international socioeconomic, security, humanitarian, human rights, environmental, and development challenges. We’re excited to announce that Future of Good will be a digital content curator at the 2019 Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership, taking place on November 27-28 in Ottawa. 

Future of Good will cover the Summit and translate insights into compelling content that matters to the world of impact. We will also be hosting a breakfast plenary panel called ‘Tech as Canada’s Global Leadership’ exploring practical ways to engage tech companies in Canada’s global agenda. Register and learn more about the Summit of Canada’s Global Leadership here.

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