What's With the Name Future of Good?

A little bit of history on our media platform

Why It Matters

At this exciting time of massive growth and rapid change, the world of impact in Canada deserves smarter coverage and impact-focused people deserve smarter insights. An op-ed by Future of Good's CEO and publisher, Vinod Rajasekaran.

“Show me the ingenuity.”

About three years ago, I had a conversation with a Canadian nonprofit executive about the hundreds of thousands of impact-focused people across the country innovating in their organizations everyday.

I shared as many examples as I could recollect in one minute — in program delivery, in humanitarian aid, in use of technology, in financing instruments, and in business models.

Then this person stopped me and said, “Vinod, all of that is in your head. How do I gain these insights and learn from what others have already figured out? Show me the ingenuity.”

That last bit stuck with me.

There was nowhere I could go to pull up all those examples in a minute.

I guess that was the point.

If I can’t show it, is it almost as if it’s invisible? If people really have to go digging for it, what good is it for anyone? How can hundreds of thousands of people gain insights to do their work better?

The world of impact in Canada is entering a whole new era due to massive growth and rapid change.

The rise of mobile apps, B Corps, co-working hubs, design labs, incubators, and social finance are contributing to this growth.

At the same time, data philanthropy  is reimagining giving, shared spaces are reimagining skill-building, reconciliation is reimagining power, and artificial intelligence is reimagining social services.

At this exciting time of growth and change, we need to equip impact-focused people with the smartest insights on what’s current and what’s next so that the people they serve can access the best possible solutions.

So, we’re embarking on an ambitious journey to illuminate the stories, innovations, and trends that matter to doing good well in the 21st century.

If you’re passionate about what you do, desire smart insights and fresh perspectives, and feel like we have the power to have a greater impact, Future of Good is for you.

It’s for the professional in a social service agency, its for the executive in a philanthropic foundation, its for the entrepreneur growing their venture, for the grassroots activist on the ground, for the passionate amateur who sits on a board and cares for their community, for the consultant supporting their clients, for the public servant crafting policy, and many many more.

We’re in regular collaboration with the most brilliant doers, thinkers, activists, and creatives that are prominent and in the background, in fancy offices and on the frontlines, to bring you the freshest ideas and insights that push us all to do better.

From artificial intelligence and decolonization, to data philanthropy and social finance, we track and cover topics that are—and will be—of seismic importance to you.

We built Future of Good on conversations with thousands of impact-focused people on what they find difficult, what can be made easier, and how digital content can add value. We can’t do this alone. That’s why we’re committed to sharing what we learn—with detail and honesty—so that others in the field can borrow, remix, and build upon our work. The next number of months will be open access to all our regular and premium content as we operate in beta.

You might wonder, what’s with the name Future of Good?

In a rapidly changing society and with the backdrop of where Canada is headed, we choose to be obsessed about what’s defining social impact work. Here’s the thing. There is no evidence about the future. But we can shape it and the best way is by challenging assumptions and imagining the future we want to see.

And why Good?

Good exists in every sector and in every industry. Good isn’t owned by any one. Impact-focused people are everywhere. There are small acts and big acts. There are professionals and there are passionate amateurs. There are people who are loud about it and there are people innovating underground because they have no other choice. All of these people make up our beautiful universe of doing good.

Together, let’s show the ingenuity.