What's With the Name Future of Good?

A little bit of history on our media platform

Why It Matters

At this exciting time of massive growth and rapid change, the world of impact in Canada deserves smarter coverage and impact-focused people deserve smarter insights. An op-ed by Future of Good's CEO and publisher, Vinod Rajasekaran.

“Show me the ingenuity.”

About three years ago, I had a conversation with a Canadian nonprofit executive about the hundreds of thousands of impact-focused people across the country innovating in their organizations everyday.

I shared as many examples as I could recollect in one minute — in program delivery, in humanitarian aid, in use of technology, in financing instruments, and in business models.

Then this person stopped me and said, “Vinod, all of that is in your head. How do I gain these insights and learn from what others have already figured out? Show me the ingenuity.”

That last bit stuck with me.

There was nowhere I could go to pull up all those examples in a minute.

I guess that was the point.

If I can’t show it, is it almost as if it’s invisible? If people really have to go digging for it, what go

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