Six big ways Biden’s policy choices will affect Canadian social impact work

Many of the U.S.’s major social issues are also present in Canada, and social impact organizations will need to tackle them

Why It Matters

President-elect Joe Biden is promising to undo many of the worst abuses of the Trump administration. Yet these issues, from racism to immigration abuses to a lack of global development, are also present in Canada. The social impact sector cannot think of them as just American issues.

President-elect Joe Biden is taking the helm of the United States government at one of its most uncertain periods in recent history. 

Over 400,000 Americans, many of them racialized, have died of COVID-19. Police forces across the U.S. are killing primarily Black, Indigenous, queer, disabled, and homeless people at astonishing rates. American democracy has been both metaphorically and — as of last week — physically assaulted under the orders of outgoing president Donald Trump. Four years of his presidency has atrophied America’s foreign aid and development regimes. 

Canadians often indulge in the fantasy that our culture is fundamentally different from the United States. Yet we share one official language, the longest non-militarized border in the world, and a plethora of social issues. Racism, poverty, women’s rights, climate change, and police militarization

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