Here’s how the federal government can put its social finance strategy at the heart of its recovery plan

Ahead of the upcoming Throne Speech, SVX founder Adam Spence offers a blueprint for bolstering the social impact sector post-pandemic

Why It Matters

The Prime Minister’s upcoming Throne Speech will set the tone for the federal government’s post-pandemic recovery plan. Updating and prioritizing the Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy in this recovery plan would bolster the social impact sector — at a time when it’s simultaneously struggling to stay afloat and seeing steep increases in demand.

After fighting unprecedented public policy and political battles resulting from COVID-19, the Canadian government has hit the reset button. We are quickly heading towards a Throne Speech, likely followed by a fall economic statement or a federal budget. Whatever the range of reasons behind prorogation, it has created an emerging opportunity for the social innovation and social finance strategy to be a key feature of our national effort to drive an inclusive recovery.


What could this mean for the social innovation and social finance strategy, including initiatives like the Social Finance Fund?

There has been significant momentum building on the social finance and social innovation agenda dr

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