Why More Canadian Businesses are Becoming Social Purpose Companies

The Future of CSR

Why It Matters

Seven out of 10 Canadians believe companies should be able to show how they are bettering the world. Are social purpose companies the future? Find out why more local companies are embracing social purpose, and how it is impacting both their communities and bottom line. This is the second story in our series on Innovative Local Impact, crafted in partnership with United Way Centraide Canada.

The market economy is under tremendous pressure to grow — and grow differently. Accountability, transparency, and making an impact on communities in which they operate are all becoming central to how businesses are reshaping their purpose.

Seven out of 10 Canadians believe companies should show how they make the world better. Research shows that 58 percent of social purpose businesses demonstrate a growth rate of 10 percent or more, compared to 42 percent

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