Proponents of gender-lens investing say it’s a solution to economic inequality. But does it really shift the status quo?

A GenderSmart report found that 71 per cent of their investors’ community chose to focus on women’s financial and digital inclusion to get them back into the markets

Why It Matters

Studies show that women and nonbinary-owned businesses typically have a higher return on investment. Increasing their access to capital to sustain their business gives them more economic freedom and opportunities to improve their communities.

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Countless studies say the same thing: women and non-binary people’s businesses yield higher returns on investment, in more ways than one. 

A Boston Consulting Group’s study on startups, for instance, found that though the women-led startups received less capital, they generated 10 per cent more revenue over five years. For every dollar the women’s businesses were funded, they generated 78 c

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