Starting a cooperative — and their potential for impact — explained.

What is a co-op? And why is it a good model for a social purpose organization?

Why It Matters

The pandemic was hard on small business owners, their staff and their communities. Cooperatives can be a viable, alternative business ownership model that creates both social and financial value for communities, and prioritizes people and planet as much as profit.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Starting a cooperative \u2014 and their potential for impact \u2014 explained.. This story is in partnership with Desjardins Group.\u00a0 When someone\u2019s looking to start a purpose-oriented business or non-profit, their business model is likely one of the first considerations \u2014\u00a0after their mission, of course.\u00a0 While for some the cooperative model is a no-brainer, many have no idea what the term even means.\u00a0 That\u2019s why Desjardins, one of Canada\u2019s largest cooperative financial institutions and the largest federation of credit unions in North America, hosted a webinar during Co-op Week (a Canada-wide celebration of cooperatives) on this very subject \u2014\u00a0here\u2019s what you need to know: \u00a0 What is a coo

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