Re-wiring the public sector for a post-pandemic world... Are you ready?

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Re-wiring the public sector for a post-pandemic world\u2026 Are you ready?. Creativity and innovation can often take a back seat during times of uncertainty \u2014\u00a0just when we need them most. And in order for our communities to recover from the pandemic and its economic impacts, we\u2019ll need public policies and public services fit for a post-pandemic world. What will it take for governments to rise to the challenge?\u00a0 We\u2019re excited to announce that Future of Good is the digital content partner for the States of Change Learning Festival , an online, global festival from June 1-19 exploring public sector innovation for a post-pandemic world. The festival is a space for collaboration and learning, helping you gather insights about now , to h

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