Opinion: The Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector let down charities and communities by not recommending a disbursement quota hike

Let’s stop with the Canadian philanthropic placating.

Why It Matters

Forty percent of charities are still seeing their revenues decline following COVID-19’s onset. Almost 1 in 4 charity leaders say they don’t think their organizations will be able to stay open for another year. Communities rely on the services these organizations provide, and demand for many such services will only increase post-pandemic.

Canada’s vital charitable sector is hurting. Our 86,000 charities, which make up nearly 8.5 percent of Canada’s gross domestic product, have spent the past two years dealing with a variety of crises exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a recent Imagine Canada survey concluded, “Almost 1 in 4 charity leaders believe their organizations will not be able to operate for more than a year” due to worsening of their financial health. 

These are statistics that leaders in the philanthropic sector are well versed in, which is why I am so frustrated that 14 members

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