The growing tech philanthropy market: Here's what you need to know

It’s a whole new era

Why It Matters

The tech industry is booming in Canada, and with industry growth comes new injection of philanthropic capital. In this series, we unpack how the tech sector is shaping a new philanthropic landscape, and why this emerging donor market is essential to understand.

Today, much of the world’s wealth belongs to global technology companies and their founders, with technological breakthroughs happening at an exponential pace. The top ten wealthiest people in the world are tech founders, including Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and Larry Page (Alphabet/Google). As for Canadians, wealthy tech founders include Garrett Camp (Uber), Tobias Lutke (Shopify), and Peter Szulczewski (Wish). (In case you didn’t notice: that’s a lot of men…!) 

The need for philanthropy remains ever-present with rising global challenges. At the same time, the collective wealth of the world’s billionaires increases by $2.5 billion every day, and there are

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