Tech investors are turning to impact — what are they teaching the social impact sector?

As more investors in the tech sector get into impact investing, a knowledge exchange is taking place that could transform both tech and impact

Why It Matters

With a background in the technology sector, tech investors could help to scale social impact solutions quickly, and offer new ideas and tools to transform social impact organisations. In turn, however, long standing social impact investors have a thing or two to teach tech in achieving meaningful impact. This could transform the social impact sector.

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Recent years have seen a dramatic rise of social impact companies hitting the mainstream globally, from Beyond Meat’s IPO at a US $1.5 billion valuation, to more than 4,000 companies becoming certified as ‘B Corps’ for a positive social and environmental performance.

With the climate crisis and other major issues in desperate need of solutions, technology investors spy opportunities to have a positive impact and have a financial return in the process. In doing so, they are coming into increasing contact with investors from a social impact background, who’ve been helping to build the social impact sector by investing in new social solutions

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