The Difficult Economic Side-Effects of COVID-19 for Women

Spotlighting economic inequity

Why It Matters

Women make up 60 percent of Canadians living in poverty and are overrepresented in industries of precarious work. As COVID-19 and social distancing continue to disrupt our economy, women will see the most devastating effects.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"The Difficult Economic Side-Effects of COVID-19 for Women. Let\u2019s say you\u2019re a single mom who works at a grocery store. How do you continue working now that COVID-19 has closed daycares and schools? How do you support yourself and your children? The pandemic is intensifying economic barriers women already face throughout Canada, and research suggests that pandemics can take a higher toll on women\u2019s incomes than men\u2019s. Although federal and provincial aid and relief announcements are encouraging, many women are still at risk of falling through the cracks. \u00a0 Women living on a low income in Canada\u23f8 Women make up 60 per cent of those in Canada who are economically \u201cstruggling\u201d , meaning that they report difficul

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