The Trappings of Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Social Impact Work—and of Workers—Depends on Getting the HR/AI Mix Right

Why It Matters

The AI train isn’t stopping. For social impact, and other sectors, the talent mix of the near future will be human intelligence mixed with machine intelligence. Impact-focused leaders need to think about how they are teaming to make use of—and push back on—an internet economy powered by algorithms.

The recent 2018 AI Now Symposium focused on ethics, organizing, and accountability within the artificial intelligence field. During their keynote, Kate Crawford and Meredith Whittaker highlighted the dizzying pace at which the AI ecosystem is moving, citing examples that were both extremely positive—and deeply concerning.

A positive example includes the recently established New York City Task Force to Examine Automated Decision Systems, which puts in a policy framework on when and when not to use AI technologies.

Conversely, they cited numerous examples of faci


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