The voices of Afghan women and girls are being muted — it’s time for Canadian women to fill the silence

All eyes on Kabul as women and girls across Afghanistan are forced into hiding

Why It Matters

Canadian, international and Afghan women’s rights organizations have spent the last few decades fighting tirelessly for women’s education, work, and safety. Their work — and their partnerships with one another — are significantly threatened under the Taliban.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"The voices of Afghan women and girls are being muted \u2014 it\u2019s time for Canadian women to fill the silence. The Taliban had a critical target when they invaded Kabul: the headquarters of the National Security directorate and the Ministry of Communications. Their goal was to secure the files of Afghan intelligence officers and their informers, and the ability to track the telephone numbers of Afghan citizens. In this transition, information, intelligence and data have become assets of immeasurable value. Access to this information has given the Taliban the power to begin the systematic hunt of Afghanis who worked tirelessly to build a new future for their country. Under immediate threat are women and girls whose voices and stories are now increasingly

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