There’s a new toy to teach failure. Here’s how it works.

Failure is inevitable in social impact work–and it’s time to embrace it

Why It Matters

Failure is typically not something organizations in the world of impact like to open up about. Twenty One Toys founder Ilana Ben-Ari tells us why teaching failure at the workplace can not only strengthen organizational culture, but help create lasting impact.

Striving for success guarantees one thing: failure. Often, we view failure in relation to success, seeing it only as a brief pause on the ladder to the top.

In reality, how we experience failure is very different. This dissonance led Twenty One Toys to launch its kickstarter campaign for the Failure Toy this month. The Toronto-based organization, founded by social entrepreneur Ilana Ben-Ari, creates toys that inspire and educate beyond the textbook.

The Failure Toy is designed to help people of all ages explore how we deal with failure–and the risk, blame, and competition associated with it. It is a game of balance using wooden blocks and an unstable circle. To successfully balance the pieces requires experimentation and teamwork. Players earn points for balancing pieces on the base,

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