Everything the social impact sector needs to know about Canada’s COVID-19 recovery plan

The Liberals’ Throne Speech outlines a bold plan for COVID-19 recovery, but barely mentions social impact organizations.

Why It Matters

A Throne Speech is a federal government’s rough policy blueprint, and 2020’s is a particularly bold one. The federal government is promising major new commitments as Canada braces for a second wave of COVID-19, but the social impact sector is in desperate need of relief - and the Throne Speech doesn’t offer much.

As a second wave of COVID-19 cases break across Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government unveiled an ambitious legislative agenda for the coming year, including commitments on issues from climate change to elder care. 

This speech represents a broad outline of the government’s plans for the year, not a budget or comprehensive legislative package. That said, Trudeau’s government vowed to protect Canadians by whatever means necessary – including increased spending – but also to “build back better” – meaning, a more resilient economy after the pandemic ends. 

However, the social impact sector may find the Throne Speech disappointing. While it does touch on several major social issues the sector tackles, from childcare to racial inequities, it does not offer any new and direct sectoral support. In fact, the speech barely mentions the

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