‘This is the time to rebuild’: Seven highlights from Canada’s Throne Speech for the social impact sector

Governor-General Mary Simon delivered the Throne Speech in the Senate on Nov. 23, ushering in a new session of Parliament.

Why It Matters

Canada is heading into a period of regrowth and recovery from COVID-19, and the Throne Speech suggests that the social impact sector will have plenty of opportunities to work with and alongside the federal government.

Governor-General Mary Simon opened her first Throne Speech in a language no representative of the Queen has ever before used in Canadian history: Inuktitut. 

“Listen to the diverse voices who speak a multitude of languages and who shape this country,” Simon told the Senate chamber on Nov. 23. 

In a trilingual mix of Inuktitut, English, and French, the Governor-General practiced what she preached — and outlined Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s third term priorities. 

If a federal government’s policy package is a cake, budgets and fall economic statements are the eggs and butter. Throne Speeches are the icing: sweet, flashy, but rarely filling on their own. Heading into another term as a minority government, the Liberals nonetheless expressed a commitment to an ambitious set of plans: accomplish meaningful progress on reconciliation, set worthy clima

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