Transforming Funding Models Summit

Building a resilient social impact world
var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Transforming Funding Models Summit. Get your tickets\u23f8 Join us June 22 and 23 for two interactive half-days of bold ideas on transforming the social impact world\u2019s funding models.\u00a0 Alongside hundreds of professionals and funders from across the country, we\u2019ll dive into game-changing funding and business model transformations that are gaining traction for the new era of impact coming out of COVID. COVID-19 has brought into sharper focus the many gaps in wellbeing across Canada \u2014 and the social impact sector itself contributes to many of these inequities, even in the pursuit of doing good, and especially in the gatekeeping of what\u2019s funded, who\u2019s funded, what\u2019s in-kind, what's overhead and what\u2019s not. The next 12

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