Can a psych-based finance course help women, non-binary, and trans people heal from the trauma of COVID’s economic crises?

Trauma of Money is an online program that launched in 2019 to heal individual and collective financial trauma – then the pandemic hit one year later

Why It Matters

COVID-19 has 70 percent of Canadians concerned about their ability to pay bills and Canada has a gendered poverty problem — understanding their trauma around money could be a step towards financial literacy.

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When Lystra Germaine Sam finished a Trauma of Money course exploring the false promise of marketing strategies and how they contribute to consumers’ pain and loneliness, she had to ask herself: “How do you be anti-capitalist and still want to be a business owner or entrepreneur, and do good things within that?” 

As someone working in the travel industry, she says she’s realized she’s part of the problem of extractive capitalism – but is also in a position to contribute to solutions. 

In addition to her travel agency QmooniTi, Sam (who also goes by Lystra professionally) leads healing retrea

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